Media coverage

"Fundy Feedlots" (Atlantic Salmon Journal, Spring 2011): /sites/default/files/files/Funday Feedlots.pdf

"Overfishing could spoil 'wild' oceans, B.C. scientists warn" (The Province, 18th February):
"Missing Sockeye: the fate of a British Columbian icon" (The Martlet, 17th February): 
"Facilitating Toxic Pesticide Use On Salmon Farms" (The Fish Site, 17th February):

"From Sea to Poisoned Sea, Harper Government proposes new regulation that would facilitate toxic pesticide use on salmon farms" (Conservation Council for New Brunswick/Georgia Strait Alliance, 16th February): and

“For the Love of Wild Salmon” (Alexandra Morton, 14th February):

“Stop Eating Farmed Salmon!” (Washington Eats, 11th February):

“Sea lice spreading from farmed salmon to Fraser River sockeye, study finds” (The Times Colonist, 11th February):
“Fish farms linked to sea lice infestations among wild sockeye - Researchers find young salmon migrating past operations in Discovery Islands, Broughton Archipelago pick up heavier load of parasites” (The Vancouver Sun, 11th February):

“New study links wild sea lice to salmon farms” (Fisheries Information Service, 11th February): 
“NZ King Salmon's expansion plans opposed by lobby group” (Fisheries Information Service, 11th February): 

“Aquaculture vs. wild salmon: an inconvenient truth” (The Chronicle Herald, 10th February): 
“It's Official: Sea Lice From Salmon Farms Infecting Wild Stock” (AlterNet, 9th February):'s_official%3A_sea_lice_from_salmon_farms_infecting_wild_stock?page=1 

“Sea Lice From Salmon Farms Infect Fraser River Sockeye” (Environment News Service, 8th February): 

“GAAIA: Salmon farming kills” (World Fishing, 6th February): 
“Closed-Containment Salmon Farming Highlighted at Seafood Summit” (The Common Sense Canadian, 5th February): 
“Wild salmon versus farmed salmon: Who's the underdog?” (The Vancouver Sun, 5th February): 
“Ads comparing salmon farming to smoking immature, industry says” (The Times Colonist/The Province/Vancouver Sun/Regina Leader-Post/Windsor Star/Global News/Calgary Herald and Nicotine Buzz, 4th February): 
“BCSFA calls aquaculture ads ‘immature’” (Fisheries Information Service, 4th February):

“Global campaign launched against Big Aquaculture” (Fisheries Information Service, 2nd February): 
“Campaign Launched Against Large-scale Aquaculture” (The Fish Site, 2nd February):
“New NGO launches ‘Salmon Farming Kills’ campaign” (Intrafish, 31st January):
OPPOSITION to salmon farming hasn't gone away... New GAAIA campaign & “going legal” in Scotland” (Seafood Intelligence, 31st January):
“New campaign targets ‘Big Aquaculture’” (Seafood Source, 31st January):

"Salmon: A Dirty War" (BBC Scotland, 30th January 2011):

"Charities offer reward to catch illegal seal killers" (Scotland on Sunday, 30th January 2011):

“Keep salmon farms out of the ocean” (The Chronicle Herald, 30th January 2011):

"Scotland's salmon farms using booming amounts of chemicals" (FIS, 28th January 2011):

"Salmon farming industry 'using more chemicals': figures show fish farmers are using an increased number of chemicals to kill sea lice found on salmon" (STV, 28th January 2011):

"Salmon farm managers charged with animal cruelty over salmon deaths" (FIS, 28th January 2011):